Monday, August 31, 2009

Jesus Is A He

I was at a Mass recently with a very beautiful, well-meaning priest, who felt the need to avoid saying "He" when referring to Jesus. I know this syndrome started with the feminists who are so insulted that we call Jesus a Man. So as not to ruffle any feathers then, some priests started changing the prayers of the Mass to God or Jesus when they are supposed to say "He". It is distracting to me, because I am standing there, getting aggravated and slightly curious at how adept the priest can be at quickly changing things. At this particular Mass, the priest said during the creed, "Jesus became HUman," Instead of "He became man".

As a woman, I am more insulted by that then if you called Jesus a Man. I mean, come on, are we that petty as women that we have to get upset if you call Jesus a Man? Are we really that dumb? Can we please get over this ladies? You are making us all look like morons.

News flash: God created two types of humans, man and woman. Guess what? He made man first. So it is okay to say, "Brothers and sisters", instead of "Sisters and brothers". This resorts women to looking like three year olds. "Mom, you gave him candy first, and I wanted it.... waaaah". Puhleeze! Get over yourselves already. It's starting to get really boring. And stupid.

Yeah, I have a thing about feminazi's. You should too. They are making women look like whiners and victims.

I don't know about you, but I am neither one of those.

End of soapbox. For now.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Kids, Part 3- Jacob

So there I was, mother of three children, two girls and one boy. At this point Dave and I had not discussed how many children we wanted to have. We were using Natural Family Planning, but rather loosely. I remember looking at my three little ones and saying to myself, "Well, this is a nice little family we have." A few weeks later I found out I was pregnant. And I remember being so excited.

The people around me, not so much. Everyone, including the cashier at our local supermarket, thought we should be done because we had 2 girls and a boy. Once we had Tyler we had one of each sex, and even a bonus girl! But I didn't let that bother me. I was just so excited about the life growing within me. I remember someone saying to me, "If you keep doing this people are going to stop feeling sorry for you." I didn't want anyone to feel sorry for me. Yes, Dave was in in nursing school at the time, and by the world's standards, we were poor. But we trusted that as we were open to life, God would provide. And He always did! This was a brand new life! A precious new soul to know and love.

Jacob was my first labor and delivery using an epidural. I couldn't believe I had allowed myself to go through so much pain the other three times. I was happy, joking and talking. So much more relaxed. Dave actually delivered Jacob. He's the only baby that has that distinction. Dave was on the other end, catching our baby boy! Very exciting.

Jacob was smart right from the beginning. He spoke early and loudly. Our household, which now held four children, under the age of six was a noisy one. Jacob would sit at the dinner table with all of us, in his high chair, and let out high pitched screams. When he became verbal, his voice was always about 500 decibals above everyone else. How else was a little guy gonna get a word in edge wise? He learned fast.

Potty training Jacob was not a fun time. Mostly because the boy loved to play. So much that he didn't want to take the time out to leave what he was doing to go to the bathroom. I can't tell you how many poopy underwear I had to clean as he scooted right where he was and told me too late, that he had to go. One of our family's favorite memories was the time we were swimming at my in laws and Jacob was walking around nakey, and pooped right on a picnic bench. Everyone fell out laughing. He was just a baby really, and he didn't want to stop the fun in the backyard to go poop. Eventually, we broke him of the habit!

Jacob has always had a really wonderful personality. He makes friends easily. He is still best friends with his best friend from Kindergarten. Poor Jacob, when he started school, his class was full of kids who had problems. When he was in second grade, his teacher, a seasoned teacher of thirty some years, told me that his class was very difficult for her. But when she looked out at that sea of faces and saw Jacob smiling at her, it reminded her of why she was there. She said his face gave her hope. I will never forget that. I feel that way about him too.

Jacob is kind. Jacob is also patient. He can befriend the most difficult kids and just have so much patience for them. There are times when he has a melt down and needs a break, but he takes alot before he gets to that point. He is accepting of many different kinds of people.

Jacob has a great sense of humor. He is an artist. He can draw anything. He is really, really good at cartoons. He makes up his own. And they are really funny! His sense of humor through cartoons can sometimes be sophisticated for someone his age, but it just shows how intelligent he is. He is humble about his abilities but I know he is going to do well no matter what he does. He can also design video games, and spends hours doing so. Sometimes he is not so good at sharing the computer but he just gets so into what he is doing, he gets upset if he has to stop.

Jacob is courageous. He tried out for freshman soccer, despite the fact that usually at his all boy's school only boys who have played travel soccer since the womb make it on the team. He didn't care. He tried out anyway. And this year, not as many boys tried out, and the ones who did are the same skill level as him, so it looks like he is on the team. He went against the odds, tried out and worked hard, and made some new friends too! I am so proud of him.

I like Jacob. He is funny, and interesting. He treats me with respect, which doesn't always happen with the teenagers in this household. He is a very loving, very kind boy. He is going to have a boat load of friends at his new school. He is starting high school, and I can't even believe it. Again, when did this happen? He has been with me for homeschooling and at the mission school for the last three years. I am going to miss being around him all day long. He makes me laugh when I am having a bad day. I can also count on him, he is one of my more responsible kids. Plus he is awesome with his little sisters! They adore him! Because he entertains them and treats them so good. He makes them laugh. He is fun!
Jacob will do well in life. He is a good and faithful friend, an intelligent and creative young man. I love him very much. His face gives me hope everyday. I am praying as he starts high school that he will stay safe and remain the innocent, loving boy that he is.
He is one of my greatest treasures in life and I thank God for him.