Monday, August 31, 2009

Jesus Is A He

I was at a Mass recently with a very beautiful, well-meaning priest, who felt the need to avoid saying "He" when referring to Jesus. I know this syndrome started with the feminists who are so insulted that we call Jesus a Man. So as not to ruffle any feathers then, some priests started changing the prayers of the Mass to God or Jesus when they are supposed to say "He". It is distracting to me, because I am standing there, getting aggravated and slightly curious at how adept the priest can be at quickly changing things. At this particular Mass, the priest said during the creed, "Jesus became HUman," Instead of "He became man".

As a woman, I am more insulted by that then if you called Jesus a Man. I mean, come on, are we that petty as women that we have to get upset if you call Jesus a Man? Are we really that dumb? Can we please get over this ladies? You are making us all look like morons.

News flash: God created two types of humans, man and woman. Guess what? He made man first. So it is okay to say, "Brothers and sisters", instead of "Sisters and brothers". This resorts women to looking like three year olds. "Mom, you gave him candy first, and I wanted it.... waaaah". Puhleeze! Get over yourselves already. It's starting to get really boring. And stupid.

Yeah, I have a thing about feminazi's. You should too. They are making women look like whiners and victims.

I don't know about you, but I am neither one of those.

End of soapbox. For now.


  1. oh my i hate that too. I hate PC priests.

    at my fathers funeral mass we had this PC priest. My mom wrote down a few things about my dad's personality like he enjoyed hunting and fishing and a few other things well the priest didn't want to say that it seemed and it was obvious that he changed all my mom's words that she wrote down on the paper to make the rest of the congregation happy and not ruffle any feathers or say anything that wasn't PC.

  2. I totally agree with your take on this one!
    Male and female He Created them!
    End of discussion..
    By the way,
    You can not change the Creed.
    Pronouns or anything!
    ...Not Liturgically correct,
    forget the politically correct,
    be real!
    God is real!

  3. You're a tough chick...I mean, yes, I hear you roar, woman!

  4. By the way, who designed your blog? Its beautiful. I suspect it was a man...namely me?

  5. Nothing like tooting your own horn baby. Just like a man.