Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Womb to the Tomb

I haven't been able to write because I have been busy these last two days, taking care of two situations, on opposite ends of the life cycle.

It is with great motherly pride that I am sending two of my children to Washington to participate in the March for Life. The upper grades in our little mission school will be traveling early tomorrow morning to participate. There are just seven children and five adults going, but you would have cried to watch them studying what Roe v Wade stated, watched a pro life movie. These kids studied like this was a geometry exam. It was so beautiful to watch their faces. They all made their own posters. So wonderful. What a blessing for these kids to be able to go and be a part of this. They will never forget this. They will be telling their grandchildren what they did to change an unjust law. I could cry with happiness and pride. My John Paul, 6th grader, has been packed for a week. No lie. My Mary made a list for herself and went around the house today, checking things off. They are sleeping downstairs tonight as they are being picked up at the ripe time of 4:45am. I will miss them dearly, will count the hours until I can hug them, but praise God for allowing my children an opportunity like this. Please keep them in your prayers this weekend for safe travel.

Last night, I sat with my friend Penny who is in the hospital, dying of cancer. Myself, and one of my missionary sisters sat with her. It was a blessed time. I have never had the honor of being with someone at their deathbed. To be so close to heaven, I could taste it. God was all around us. I can't explain it to you, but those of you who have experienced it will understand. It is peaceful, calm, quiet. I just knew the room was full of angels and saints. Ready to bring Penny home. Penny is ready to be with Jesus. She told us last night. I told her that when she sees Him, to go running into His arms. She smiled a peaceful smile. She is ready.

I was busy getting the kids ready for their trip so I didn't get up to see her today. But she is still hanging on so I will go again tomorrow night and be with her. Maybe I will be blessed to send her off to her new life. I know this is going to sound weird, but I hope I am. I am excited for her. My sister in Christ is going to be with our Lord and Savior soon. I told her last night when I was leaving that I wanted her to remember me when she stood before God's throne. This experience has changed my life. It helped me to put things in perspective. Thank You God.

I am grateful that You have given me faith. Faith to believe in You, faith to know that You will come to me too when it is my time. But until then I know that You watch over me with tender care. Thank You.

Jesus, I love You.


  1. I have been by the bedside of 2 dying people and yes I know what you mean. I swear you can feel the prescence of something like peace in the room.

    I want to go to DC badly this year but we probably won't go. We would take all the kids. Its a day's drive for us. You could be there in maybe 5-6 hours? But still with me being pregnant I am probably going to pass this year.

  2. Michelle, what a lovely post! Your children are blessed and your friends are blessed and I am blessed to know you.

    This morning at Mass, I was feeling more and more irate as our Pastor did not mention the March for Life or anything about pro-life or this horrible anniversary at all. I'm grateful that he allows us to offer our intentions out loud during the prayer of the faithful, so I prayed for the safety of all of those Marching today, I wish I would have said so much more.

    I know that God is smiling with great joy and love on your John Paul and Mary today, as well as on your friend Penny,and that he is smiling upon you as well.

    God bless you in all things!