Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm Back.......

You mom's know how it is when you get back from vacation, and then you need a vacation. All the laundry you have to catch up on, all the cleaning, etc. And yesterday we had our family party for Joseph's first communion. So we had to get the house ready for that. God was good and the weather was nice so we had the party outside, and all went well. Thank You God!

But I know you are all out there wondering how my trip was!!! I will give you the highlights: The David Letterman show was great, he didn't say anything controversial the night we were there and Bill Cosby was awesome!!! I love him because he always talks about family and marriage, never a swear word, never derogatory, always hilarious. He did not disappoint.

Our hotel room overlooked Times Square, so we could see all the excitement right from our window. It was beautiful! The room was very nice and clean!!!! And I didn't have to do it! Loved it.

My husband had a trick up his sleeve, which I knew he would. After the Letterman show we were walking down the street, (part of Broadway is closed to traffic) and in the middle of Times Square, my husband got down on one knee, gave me a beautiful anniversary ring, and asked me to marry him again. Isn't that romantic? People sit on lawn chairs in the middle of Times Square, eating, drinking, looking at all the lights, and groups were watching this all unfold. People started cheering. It was so great!!!

We saw Wicked. Loved it! I was pleasantly surprised. I hate the Wizard of Oz. Always thought it was a little creepy. So I really didn't think I would like Wicked. I cried through the whole thing. What a great story! I would definitely go see it again. Many times over.

We saw Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and ate a nice lunch in Battery Park. We also spent some time in Soho, Greenwich Village and NYU. We rode the subway! We went to the Met, the Cloisters and walked all over the city.

My top three dinners. 1) Feinstein's. We ate there after Dave gave me the ring. We had been told to go there by a friend of Dave's. We were not dressed up and we just popped in. God showed us the way. We asked the maitre'd if we were under dressed and he said no and showed us a table. He was very gracious. We found out when we got back home that sometimes people have to wait three months to get into Feinstein's. We didn't even have reservations. But God wanted to spoil us. And He did. That night a wonderful singer, Norm Lewis was performing. It was small, intimate and unbelievable. He sang, he talked and joked with all of us. He had an awesome band behind him, and he and the pianist bantered back and forth about their experiences on Broadway. His voice was awesome and the whole night was like a fairy tale. Dave and I just love things like this, and we couldn't believe that we just stumbled in. But we didn't, God planned it. Oh, and the food was luxurious.

2) The Four Seasons. The above picture shows you the room we dined in. Where the stars go to dine. The food was elegant. The room was exciting. The only "star" we saw was Dr. Laura and some NYC politicals, but we didn't care. We were treated like stars! The service was awesome. They gave us extra desserts and when our waiter found out that we were celebrating our 20th anniversary in NYC, the waiters did what they do at The Four Seasons when someone is celebrating, they brought us a humongous plate of pink cotton candy. With a candle and lavender candy stuck all about it. Like heaven. So amazing.

3) Sardi's. Also where the stars go to dine. I can't remember the name of the dish I ordered, but my waitress told me that it was Grace Kelley's favorite. It is mine too. When we go back I will order it again because it was out of this world! And you sit looking at all the caricatures of all the stars. Very nice. The food was good, the people watching awesome. We did see "The Lord of the Dance", I don't know what his real name is, and that was about it. The thing about NYC is that everyone starts to look like a star to you, and everyone looks like a regular person, so you just have to people watch. And we did a lot of that. Very fun!

We saw Guys and Dolls with my favorite actress, Lauren Graham, who was wonderful. We sat in the first row, and I had tears in my eyes being so close to her. She is such a great actress and absolutely beautiful. She signed my Playbill after and her eyes really shine when she is talking to her fans. What a beautiful woman! Very gracious, very poised.

There was more, but I have to start getting the family ready for Mass. Perhaps for another day. Glad to be back in the blogging world! God bless to all.

Catch you on the flip side.

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  1. Sounds like an AMAZING trip! Wow, thank you for sharing all of your details. I hope Imake it to NYC someday too. :)

    Good luck getting everything back to normal!