Monday, September 7, 2009


Ok. So I am driving home from Mass, listening to a radio station that I probably shouldn't be listening to, and Ryan Seacrest of all people, is giving advice out. The problem today is that a young woman called in about one of her bridesmaids actually having the audacity to get engaged at her wedding rehearsal dinner. Another young woman calls in and says, "I know how you feel, at MY wedding one of my bridesmaids and her groomsman, well here I am dancing with my new husband, and the photographer was taking all kinds of pictures of us, and then all of a sudden I notice that he was no longer taking pictures of us, but of my groomsman on one knee proposing to my bridesmaid."

This goes to show you what kind of a "It's all about ME, kind of circus", bridezillas are now making this to be. I mean, what a joy that upon seeing your marital happiness, people in your wedding party have been inspired to jump in the wedded bliss wagon too. BUT NOOOOO, it's taking the attention off of ME, it's all about ME. Oh, and the guy I am marrying too.

When we started taking weddings out of church and onto a beach, or a forest, or on top of the balcony of the theatre we used to make out in, then we opened up a pandora's box. It's all about the show. And in a couple of years after baby spits up on your wedding book, or your six year old makes a collage out of your wedding pictures cause she just learned how to use scissors the right way and is practicing, what will it all mean? Nothing. Yeesh. And then we wonder why marriages don't last anymore.

What happened to the sacrament? What happened to the holiness? Why is it all about the gown, the place where we will booze it up afterwards, and whether or not the bride truly is the QUEEN FOR THE DAY. This drives me crazy!!!!!

Who cares what color lilac your napkins will be? Who cares if your cousin Shelly has the audacity to bring her baby because she has the nerve to be breastfeeding during YOUR wedding day!!!!

Ugh. Sorry. I know. I have to chill out. Can we please bring God back into this world? Then I will be sane again.

Until then I will be on my knees praying for the future of this country.

And praying that at least one of my five daughters becomes a nun.


  1. You've been tagged...

  2. Good post. Let us pray that people realise that marriage is sacred and for life and that children are part of marriage.

    God Bless from Ireland

  3. oh i agree. I hate those bride shows on tv too. its all about the dress or material things.

  4. You are so right. It is about so much more than the show. It is susposed to be for life!! Thanks for this post.

  5. Yeah I totally dont understand why someone would get mad that their sacred union has inspired others to follow their own vocation to marriage. I am so glad that I have such and amazing marriage prep priest, where I am so much more interested in preparing for the marriage than for the wedding. In fact my mom is a lot more interested in reception and all that stuff and she pretty much runs things through. Even when it came to my dress, I chose an economically good dress that actually fit me (the only reason I tried like 5 dresses on was that I'm a size zero and those are pretty hard to find) and it tood just two days and two stores.