Monday, November 16, 2009

Mary Magdalene

I am reading this book right now that my spiritual director loaned me about Mary Magdalene. I have a great devotion to her for many reasons. I wanted to know more of her story so my spiritual director, who also has a great devotion to her, lent me this book.

For those of you who love to read, you know how when you are really, really getting into a story, fictional or non fiction, and you think about the characters even when you are not reading the book? You are just going through your day, but in the back of your mind is this person you are reading about, and you are examining things about them. Hours after you put the book down, you are still pondering the person's story. Well, that is where I am at.

Mary Magdalene grew to be the kind of woman I hope to be. A woman I strive to be everyday now. A gracious woman. A woman who loved Jesus so much, it didn't matter to her if everyone thought she was nuts or loved to waste money by pouring expensive oils on one man's feet to cleanse them. She did not care one ounce what people thought of her. She loved Him. Deeply, sincerely. She sat at His feet and never moved for hours. She knew her sister Martha was ticked because she was just sitting there while Martha ran around, but she didn't care. She didn't move. She wanted to hear His every word. She loved Him. She believed in Him. And He loved her too.

She had to be drawn to Him by His tender love for her. No man had ever loved her like He did. He loved her soul, her heart. She knew that deep inside, and she would go anywhere to be with Him. She supported Him, cared for Him. She is an amazing woman.

I am really meditating on how absolutely focused she was on Him. Nothing else mattered. When He came to raise her brother from the dead, as soon as Martha told her that He was there, she rose immediately and went to Him. No one else mattered to her the way He did. What a beautiful friendship! What a beautiful, spiritual love they had for each other!

I want to be like that. I am some of the time, but I want to be like that all the time. I think recognizing it is a step towards what I would like to become.

She is one of my all time favorite saints- St. Mary Magdalene, pray for us.


  1. Thanks for sharing about Mary Magdalene. I don't know much about her life story. I know she is a remarkable woman who converted and devoted her life to Jesus. Some day I will read more about her life story. It surely is inspirational and lots of things to learn from.

  2. Michelle, here's another reason that I feel so comfortable reading your blog, like I'm visiting a forever friend...I love Mary Magdalene as well, she is my absolute favorite-I want to be her! I wrote a story a while back about alabaster jars. How I wish I could spend every day pouring oil and tears at Jesus feet! (Pretty much the tears are reality!)

    Could you pass on the title and author of the book you are reading? Thanks!

  3. Thank you for sharing this post....I think she is a wonderful woman to be like. We should all strive to be closer to God...not to care what others think...just to be close to Him...our Father.

  4. Anne, if you haven't already, read tonight's post. We are soul friends, even though we haven't met yet. Praise God!