Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day, Snow Day, I Want A Snow Day!

The wind outside sounds like a blizzard. But there is no snow with it. They are predicting a big amount, but so far, nothing. I want a snow day. I am worse than my kids when it comes to a snow day. Even though I won't sleep in, and I will get up anyway,it would be so nice to be grounded. I would love to be grounded.

If I have a snow day, I am going to bake cookies and decorate with my children. See, I even have my day planned already. I have all my baking supplies ready to go. My decorations are down from the attic. Please God, if You can hear me, I know you have more important things, like war and famine, but mine is pretty simple.

Just dump a lot of snow on Buffalo tonight and I can do the rest.

Thank You God. I know a four year old named Teresa who will have a shining face if you do so. Okay, and a forty-eight year old who will too.


  1. Aw! I hope you get a snow day! Our weather is heading your way, and we got 15" today alone. Around here all the schools were closed, here's hoping it happens over by you!

  2. praying for a lot of snow? what the heck? I am praying for no snow here!