Saturday, December 26, 2009

Special Merry Christmas Blessings

Having a fun day playing board games with the kids. So only enough time to say a special Christmas wish for three new friends I have made in blogger world. God's peace, joy and blessings to Anne, Allison and Christopher. Looking forward to "conversing" even more with you in the new year. Plus reading more of Anne's prose, hearing all about Allison's wedding, and watching Christopher cry as the Caps lose and the Sabres win the Stanley!


  1. Thank you for the special blessings Michelle! I look forward to more of your great stories in the new year as well! Also, I love the Fatima Icon on your sidebar-beautiful!

  2. I'll charitably ignore the calumny of the last statement and take the spirit of your message to heart... !!! By the way, game suggestion - Apples to Apples - a LOT of fun for adult and kid. LET"S GO CAPS!

  3. To Christopher: As a matter of fact, we have been playing apples to apples quite a bit. Very fun! Go Sabres! To Anne, thank you regarding my Fatima Icon. I actually got it from Christopher who is a pretty great guy, not withstanding his bad taste in hockey teams. LOL.