Monday, May 18, 2009

I've Got New Followers, and Other Ramblings..

I am so excited that I have two new followers who are not related to me or dating one of my daughters!! I feel an obligation to write. Which is a good thing, because I love to write and this gives me the push I sometimes need.

So I checked out the blogs of my two new followers and became so excited about the future of our church. Young women who are really beautiful Catholics! Following the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Okay. So one of them is a young mom with a growing family. I have a huge place in my heart for young moms who want a large family. Things like blogs were just really starting when my older children were very young. I didn't have a computer until my oldest was about 9 or 10. So now I enjoy reading other blogs and I remember the days when my oldest ones were little. I remember the first few times I would have a moment, that moment when I would look at my daughters and realize that they were changing. That moment in every mother and child's life when you realize that your baby isn't a baby anymore. She's a young lady. Or your son has become a young man.

I mean, you know it is going to happen. But for some reason you are still caught by surprise when it does. And no, it doesn't get any easier with each child. As you get older, and you reach the end of baby years, I think it is harder. Because you know, this is it. Your last one is out of diapers, and growing, why can't they stop growing? My poor Teresa is going to have to put up with me babying her until she is at least 16. Good thing she is so good natured. And something tells me she will comply. She is the ultimate mama's girl.

I also have a place in my heart for converts. I became involved with the RCIA program at the mission. We have many people who come to our mission seeking food and shelter, and they find that and God. I love watching people who are on fire not only with love for God, but for the Catholic Church. I learn so much from them because they do not take this for granted. We cradle Catholics just sometimes tow the line and go along without stopping to really study our faith. My most favorite thing is when we take our candidates to the Chrism Mass and just watch their faces as they take it all in. And I take a deep breath and smell the incense, and think about how we as Catholics are rich in history, tradition and faith. This is truly the Church that Jesus began. We have saints and theologians, century after century who have stood up for our beliefs, who did not allow them to be watered down. The truth cannot be watered down. Our converts come, because they have found the truth.

So welcome to my two new followers. Thank you for joining me in my musings. I am not a theologian, just a simple mom who loves her church passionately. I love my God that way too. He is my all, my everything. Glad we have met on our journey back to Him. We need to help each other. We may be strangers in this world, but we are brothers and sisters in the next.

Welcome my sisters in Christ!


  1. You can add another new follower to your blog ;)

  2. Hehe I think one of the new followers you talk about here is me? :D
    So glad that people will actually read my ramblings! So thanks for taking a minute out of your day to read my blog!
    Now you've inspired me to go write the story of how I came here, so thanks for that!
    I look forward to getting to know my brothers and sisters in faith more!

  3. Yes, the other one was you. Looking forward to reading more from you. God bless you!

  4. Aw, thanks for the warm welcome!

    Reflecting on my first baby turning 7 was extremely emotional for me. I don't wish for the baby years back, because I am truly amazed at the person she is becoming... I have loved every new "stage" of her life. But I did enjoy every second of watching her grow up... I can't believe it is happening so quickly!

    I'm really enjoying your blog. Glad I stumbled across it one day!

  5. What an inspiring post! I'm delighted to have found your blog. I'll definitely be back. I'm a convert to Catholicism, and coming from a secular background your attitude of "always room for one more" is such a breath of fresh air!