Friday, May 22, 2009

My Hard Workin Hubby

No, my husband is not Bill Cosby. You will find out why I have his picture up in a second. Stay with me and enjoy the ride!!

My hubby Dave and I are going to be celebrating our 20th anniversary by going to NYC for 6 days. Officially our anniversary was April 29th. My husband has been planning this trip for months. I know he has all kinds of tricks and surprises up his sleeve. I may never come back. Well, okay, I have to because of my little ones, but it will be hard.

Yesterday my husband called my to tell me he scored us two tickets to the David Letterman show. I am not a huge fan of Letterman, but hey, we will be in New York and wow, it's the David Letterman show. My darling husband had his choice of two nights and when he found out who David's guests were on Monday, he chose Monday.

I don't know how the man pulled this one off, but the guest is Bill Cosby. Now you have to know something about me. I am an unashamed, total freak over the Cosby Show. This past Christmas I received the complete dvd set of the Cosby Show. I have seen some of the episodes literally hundreds of times. I can repeat the dialogue. I LOVE Bill Cosby. I saw him do his act once here in Buffalo, we sat in the second row, and I had tears in my eyes because we were so close to him. I love how he talks about family and marriage in funny and positive ways. Normal every day happenings. And NOT ONE SWEAR WORD!!! He was so funny that night, Dave and I never stopped laughing.

So when Dave told me over the phone who would be there, I cried. Yes, I did. What a vacation we will have. As if 6 days and nights alone with my hubby, wining and dining in NYC isn't enough, he has so many fun things planned for us. I am so excited!

I tell you, I have the best hubby. I don't know if he slipped the guy at Letterman a $20 or what, but I am thrilled. There will be other posts in the future about our trip, something for my followers to look forward to.

And let's all pray for my blogger friend Lerin, who as we speak is bringing in precious new life in this world. God bless you and the new little one!

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  1. Your husband IS wonderful! :) Congratulations on 20 years and I hope you love the trip.

    Thank you so much for the prayers! I am so glad she is here. Everything went so well! I'll blog all about it soon. :)