Sunday, May 24, 2009

Positively Postive

I have been thinking about how some people are just such positive people. Like my new friend that I work with. Pam is such a positive person, always optimistic, always looking at the bright side.

I realized this week that it is all in how you choose to look at things. The word "choose" being the important word here. I can go into every situation looking for the bad, waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. And there are people out there like that. The "Debbie Downers". You know them, we all do. They have to find something wrong with everything. They could walk into a beautiful banquet with crystal goblets, bountiful food and drink, carefully dressed tables with amazing roses, and they will see that one napkin that wasn't folded right.

And they will blame someone for it. That is a real trait with Debbie Downer, she finds another human being to blame for everything from the weather, to her hair not turning out right. If you look real close at Miss Downer, you will see an unhappy, bitter, ungrateful person.

I am learning to quench Ms. Downer. I think she lives in all of us, we just have to keep her in check. Not let her come out to play. And how do I do this? By being grateful for everything. And we should be grateful. To God. Because without God we are just a blob of cells, not even able to breathe on our own. He gives us everything and He could take it all away tomorrow.

Every day is a gift from God. we should stop and take a deep breath and thank Him. Every day. In all things. Even when things don't seem so good. We don't know His plan for us. We don't know how He will take something and make it into a good thing. Our fear makes us doubt, our fear can make us angry, bitter and resentful. But why would we? That doesn't even sound like fun to me. I can see in my own life how being like that can put blinders on and then you miss out on all that is good, amazing and wonderful.

I am not giving this lecture today for you. It's for me. Sometimes we preach what we ourselves need to hear.

Go in Peace.

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