Monday, May 4, 2009

A Real Role Model

Being a stay at home is a beautiful thing. But I realized one day that I would never win any awards from my old alma mater, Buffalo State College for the things that I do. They give awards to all the fancy shmancy women who put their children in day care and went off to have a career. They became lawyers, educators, doctors who found cures and answers to world problems. While I was busy trying to figure out the best way to get the ground in, smushed up, Trix cereal out of my rug.

But alas. I did not want to lament about myself. I did want to sing the praises of my sister in law. My sister in law Renee is an awesome mom. She has two children, her daughter Corinne is 6, her son Joshua is almost three. My neice Corinne has mild autism, but that will never stop her from having as normal a childhood as possible. Thanks to her mom, Renee.

I gotta tell you, I am so honored that she is my sister in law. I am so proud of her and all that she does for her daughter. She is a supermom! She gets involved in every aspect of her child's development. She sits on boards to fight for the best decisions to be made regarding her daughter's education, but she isn't just fighting for her own daughter, she is helping all those children who will come after Corinne.

And it doesn't stop at school related education. When she realized that children like Corinne could never understand the concepts of our Catholic faith, like confession and receiving communion, she and another mom decided to do something about it. They are developing a program for children with learning disabilities so that they can make their first confession and receive Jesus in the Eucharist like any other kid their age. But it was important to Renee that Corinne know what is going on at her first Holy Communion. She knew if it is not explained right, all it will be to Corinne is a day to wear a fancy white dress and a pretty veil. What a beautiful mom!

I mean really. In this day and age when most people just scoot their kids off to ccd and don't even attend Mass with their kids. Here is someone who actually cares that her daughter understand as best as she can, in her own way, what the meaning is behind it. I am so proud to be her sister in law. Really I am. And kudos to the pastor for being open to their ideas. Thank You God for that beautiful, beautiful priest. Many blessings to him in his vocation. THAT is what a good priest does. He is encouraging these two moms in what they want to do.

Whenever Renee talks to me about the things she is doing, I just swell with love and pride for her. She may never, ever get an award for what she is doing, because after all, she is doing what any good mom would do. Except honestly, nowadays, I think beautiful women like Renee, who is sacrificing everything for her daughter, are few and far between. The most wonderful thing, Renee probably doesn't even look at it as a sacrifice. She just thinks this is what a good mom should do. She does it because she loves her daughter with her whole heart. And you know what, my neice is a bright ray of sunshine who grows in leaps and bounds everyday. Corinne knows that she is LOVED.

And that is what kids need. They need the security of knowing they are loved and wanted. That their mom will go to the ends of the earth and back for them. That mom will sit at a boring town board meeting to speak for two minutes on the importance of giving the best opportunities for ALL children, whether your budget can take it or not!

My sister in law might not win any awards, but this Sunday, on Mother's day, she will get kisses and hugs and homemade cards and drawings from her biggest fans. Corinne and Josh.

And she deserves every sweet moment.

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  1. That is a wonderful thing your sister in law is doing! I hope that it catches on and spreads to all the churches as I'm sure there is a need for it everywhere!
    God bless her!