Monday, February 22, 2010

The Devil Is After Meeeeee!

Must be doing something right. The devil has taken two vehicles and a dryer from me. My husband is not allowing me to touch appliances or anything with a motor. This could work out in my favor as a stove is an appliance, as is the dishwasher!!!

Our van needed repairs and until today was out of commission for almost three weeks. At the end of the week our other car lost it's power steering. And then the last straw. Saturday night the dryer was going round and round, but no heat. This is a disaster in a family that has ten people who have become accustomed to wearing clothing.

And then I realized yesterday why this was happening. As I sat next to my candidate at the Rite of Election, my candidate who had been a drug addict for many, many years. Who had many children, with many different fathers, but has been clean for a long time, and starting life on her own, without a man living with her. My candidate who is excited about becoming Catholic and belonging to God now. She wants my hubby and I to be her youngest two children's Godparents. Yeah, that is why the devil hates me. I took a big time player from him. Helped bring her back to God.

No wonder. Just in case, the children must bring me my juice or hot tea. The refrigerator and the microwave are off limits to me. Until after the Easter Vigil.


  1. lol. That is too funny. Probably a good guess as to why as well.

  2. Praise the Lord,
    and pass the ammunition!
    but seriously,
    You are in my prayers, and
    check out this video about a lady whose car has over 540,000 miles on it!

  3. What a wonderful thing you are doing in sponsoring an RCIA candidate! Sounds like she needed you and God!

  4. Ah, the stories our husband's could share. I once caught the oven on fire. Then came the stove top. My husband still keeps a fire extinguisher in the garage all these years later. LOL! I agree, the devil is mad at you which is actually a good thing. You go girl!

    I am a lurker. But, had to post because I've wanted to be a sponsor for some time now. But, I've been telling myself - with two kids, now a third I am just way too busy. I just threw the devil off my back thanks to you!! :D So...if your fridge blows up it's probably my fault. Sorry in advance.

  5. God has greatly gifted you
    I enjoyed visiting your blog
    God Bless;