Friday, February 12, 2010

I Held Jesus Tonight

Spent the evening with Penny. Helped her get dressed for bed, helped her to the bathroom. Went to the family kitchen area several times to heat up coffee, make her an icecream soda and helped get her bed set up.

And I thought of Jesus saying, "Whatsoever you do...."

And before I left, I held Jesus. I put Penny in my arms and held her broken body close to mine, and in that gesture, I saw her as Jesus.

Tonight, I held my suffering Jesus.


  1. Michelle, you are blessed and beautiful. So very blessed and beautiful.

  2. Ellen- I thought of you last night. Especially when I was helping Penny in the bathroom. The people you take care of in your job are blessed because I know you see them the same way I saw Penny last night. Anne-thank you very much. I am who I am because of my precious Jesus. He is everything to me.