Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy 20th Anniversary and one heck of a week!

On Wednesday my hubby and I celebrated 20 years of wedded bliss. We took a look back, but mostly we looked forward as we always do. I am blessed because my husband and I work as a team. We look at our goals, our future and we work on it together.

He is my best friend. In the whole world. There are things I can tell him that I could never tell anyone else. And he doesn't think I am an awful woman for saying them. He makes me laugh more than anyone ever has. He taught me how to laugh at myself. That was hard for me. I have always been such a serious person and even though I still am to a point, he taught me how to not take things so seriously all the time. He is the funniest man. Sometimes it scares me how his mind works! The kids don't always understand his humor, but they start laughing when I start laughing. He has gotten me going at the dinner table, and I will be laughing so hard I am crying, the kids start laughing at the way I am laughing.

We went out to a fancy dinner for our anniversary and we had a wonderful time. We love to eat. We do it up right. The whole nine yards. And we talk, and we laugh and we enjoy each other. He pretends to be embarressed when I tell our waiter how long we have been married and how many kids we have, but I know secretly he loves when I do that. And this time my dessert was free because of it being our anniversary.

I am so proud that we have been married for 20 years. We have a really good marriage. Not because we are supernatural people or extra special. It is because from day one we made Christ the center of our marriage. We both make a decision everyday to love one another, because that is what love is, a decision. We are blessed because we have romance and companionship and sparks after 20 years. But we have had tough times, tired times, times when the kids or life, wore us down. But we always knew we were in it together. Forever. I really love my husband.

I can't imagine going through with anyone else what he and I have been through. When my dad passed away unexpectedly, Dave was my rock. My best friend. He let me cry and laugh and go through memories. I didn't want to be held those first few days, I just wanted to sit in my rocker and talk. My husband sat across from me in his chair and listened to me. For hours. And then he added his own fun memories of my dad, and we cried together. My best friend. My love.

On Thursday, the very next day after our 20th anniversary, our little 4 year old Teresa broke her leg. And there we were again, holding on to each other, he was my rock, my stability. He calms me. Just by his presence. Together we got through another family crisis. And together we will get through the next four weeks as Teresa's leg heals and she deals with her cast.

We are partners Dave and I. We promised each other over 20 years ago that we would be forever.

And I am a blessed woman. God must really love me because He gave me the best man for me to love forever and ever.

Hope and pray we have another 30! I love you Dave.

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