Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day and Litter Bugs

I am going to take full advantage that today is earth day and get up on my soapbox about one of my biggest pet peeves.

People who throw garbage out their car windows as they are driving.

ATTENTION: the world is not your garbage can.

I know this is going to come as a shock to you, but no. No it is not.

I have seen a man throwing out his partially eaten ice cream cone out his window while he was driving. I could tell that he really wasn't into his double chocolate dip with rainbow sprinkles on a regular cone. So he tossed it.

I have seen banana peels, take out bags, cups of pop, and my own personal favorite, candy and gum wrappers flying out of people's windows.

I won't even get started on smokers that throw out their still lit butts out the window.

I will have a sign someday that I will have for such occasions that will say:

"Hey, you, moron, the world is not your garbage can!"

Okay, not really. That would not be so merciful. But I can think it can't I?
Today we were all supposed to turn out the lights for one minute at nine and sing kumbaya or something.
Instead we should have been watching a video on what our streets look like because of the slobs who throw crud out their windows.

So what is the answer. I don't know but boy I would love to sentence some of these people to twenty hours of cleaning up the streets of Buffalo. Maybe cleaning someone else's burger bags, used kleenex and rotting take out food would make them stop doing it themselves.

But probably not. So mothers of small children, set a good example for your kids and teach them to take care of this great land God created. Garbage goes in garbage bags. Keep one in your precious sports car and stop polluting our world!

Or you will have a mad woman behind you in a 12 seater van. And I know how to use it!!

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