Saturday, April 25, 2009


Fr. Jack is truly inspired. When you look at the three things he said to work on this year, joy and peace just naturally go together.

When you are full of joy, you will be peaceful. Because when you are joyful, you are happy with your life. You are satisified and grateful for what you have. You are not looking around at what others have that you don't. You are content with what God has given you. You can't be joyful if you are feeling robbed of things you want. If you are joyful, you are at peace.

This one is hard for me because I am a worrier by nature. I am worried about things that have happened, I worry about things that may happen, I worry about what people think of me, of how people see me. You can't be that worried and peaceful at the same time. Working on it!!

I have noticed that the more joyful I become, the more at peace I am. I am becoming more and more content where the Lord leads me. Wherever I am sitting, who I am with, who I am talking to or riding with, or things I have been asked to do, more and more I find contentment in where the Lord has me.

And I notice that I am more at peace. And it is more fun!!! When you are happy, joyful, at peace, content, life is better! I see myself everyday becoming more and more like the people I admire. But most importantly, I am becoming more and more the person God wants me to be.

Because God does not want me to be discontent with my life. He gave me this life and He thought it was a pretty good one for me! Who am I to second guess my Creator. More and more I delight in the life He has given me. I find peace in Him.

Jesus has become my peace. If I keep my eyes on Him, if I trust Him, if I truly believe that He wants what is best for me, EVEN IF IT LOOKS WAY DIFFERENT THAN MY NEIGHBOR'S LIFE!!!!!! That is okay. This is the life He gave to me.

We must be content. That is the bottom line. Once I started being content and grateful for my life, then I became more peaceful. I try to start every morning now with my armor of gratitude. I call it my armor, because if I put on a spirit of gratitude as I start off my day, it helps me to stay focused on God and I start the day right away with an attitude of thanksgiving. If I am too busy thanking God for everything in my life, there is no room for "stinkin thinkin". My mind and heart are busy and full of God's goodness.

Like a child I approach the day with a sense of "what exciting things will happen today?"!

And on this special day, 17 years ago, God blessed me with my second beautiful daughter, Elizabeth Grace Marciniak.

Happy Birthday Liz, thanks for all the laughs you give me. Thanks for being my right hand woman. I love you.

Be at peace y'all.

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