Saturday, April 18, 2009

Susan Boyle and other things of beauty

Susan Boyle is a big news item today. And I am hoping that the lesson we learned, world wide, stays with all of us for a very long time.

In today's society we judge people on looks and that is what happened to Susan Boyle. But she opened her mouth to sing, and it was a thing of beauty.

What we need to learn here, in my humble opinion, is not that people are only worth something if they entertain us, but, that we all have beauty inside of us. Because God created us. Hello.

Remember that old 70's saying; God made me, and He don't make junk!

Okay, so I always hated that corny saying, but it is true. And if He made me and He made you, well then, ain't none of us junk!!!

Sin comes into things and makes us a mess, but in our purity, we are so beautiful.

Susan Boyle showed us beauty in purity. Beauty in its purest form. Childlike and trusting. Not minding that people were laughing. She came to do something and it didn't matter that people were laughing at her and mocking her. She simply came to sing.

And she taught us all a lesson.

She reminds me of someone. Someone else who was laughed at and scorned. Someone else who was mocked and made little of. Judged.

Maybe someday we will get it.

The innocent, the trusting, the pure of heart. They will be in God's kingdom before the rest of us.

God bless Susan Boyle.

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