Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

I think it is fitting for me to start writing my blog on this very holy day for christians. Being a Catholic Christian, this is the beginning of the end to the beginning. Makes no sense, right? Well, to me it does. I have been on a journey this lent. It's not about me giving up sponge candy all these weeks, or trying to be nicer to people who irritate me. It's about letting Jesus in.

Which we should do everyday. But we don't. We get busy with kids, jobs, laundry, paying bills, keeping up with the Smiths. And then we dump our tired bodies into bed and maybe, just maybe, we remember Him. "Thank You God. I got everything done. Sort of."

He created us. He loves each one of us so intimately. Not even your own spouse knows you the way He does. And we can't even give Him two seconds of our time.

So Palm Sunday is the beginning of the end of lent. But when lent ends, we begin new life in Him. He rose for us. The end of the story is not the cross. When He rose from the dead He won new life for us. When we die, we will be with Him forever.

Let's hope He remembers us, better than we remember Him. Let's pray together this week. Let's pray in the silence of our hearts. What if millions of us thanked Him for the gift of life, eternal life? Could we ever thank Him enough for suffering for us? No, but all He asks us of us is to make Him first in our lives. We can do that.

Give glory to Him in all that you do this week. Walk His walk. Then tell me you have no time.

If you were the only person on this earth, still, He would have died for you.

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