Monday, October 19, 2009

Chute not Shoot

So I get in bed last night, thinking about my witty post and laughing to myself when suddenly I realized. I misspelled chute. It is laundry chute, not shoot. After I wrote it, it seemed weird to me, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

I am at that age where I will write something, look at it, and it just doesn't seem like it is spelled right. The word that I have seen a billion times, will look odd. So I use spell check. A lot. (Which is why I now know that a lot is not alot!)

But it doesn't work for homophones. It's not going to tell you if you used a word that sounds the same but doesn't have the meaning you want. Which is what happened to me last night. I don't just need spell check, I need grammar check!

So all I am thinking this morning is: it's a good thing I teach preschool. All I have to do is teach them what's red and what is blue. I can still do that.

Although today is Monday, so even that can be questionable.

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