Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Won A Blogger Award!!!

One of my new blogger friends, Anne over at Imprisoned In My Bones-Releasing My Inner Jeremiah, granted me this lovely, surprising award. What an honor, being a newbie and all to blogging everyday, to receive this. And doesn't the name of her blog catch your curiosity? Go check her out. But before you do that I have to name six little known facts about myself, and then pass this on to six other gorgeous bloggers who get to do the same thing. So here goes:

1) I hate beets. For most people this would not be shocking, but for me it is and it is shameful. Because I am Polish, and Polish people love beets. I don't. I hate them. I don't even like the smell of them. And here I am Polish and everything, and I don't like beets. I do love duck's blood soup and golumbki. So that saves me from having to turn in my card.

2) I was a cheerleader in seventh and eighth grade. For our Catholic elementary school's basketball team. I quit dance class after ten years of taking dance and loving it just to be a cheerleader. Which leads to little known fact number three:

3) The real reason why I wanted to be a cheerleader was because I had the hugest crush on one of the players. He was the love of my life from first grade until about freshman year in high school. What was really cute was that his first name was Michael and well, mine is Michelle. Isn't that adorable? He was!!!! The thrill of my life was when I got to do a personal cheer for him every time he scored a basket. I would pray to God and do twelve Hail Mary's that a) I would get his name and b) he would score so that I could cheer his name!

4) I love John Stamos. I am not a drooler of stars. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, who cares? But if I ever ran into John Stamos, they would need to get a street cleaner to clean up the puddle I would become. The man is gorgeous.

5) I love old musicals. When I was in eighth or ninth grade when all of my friends were sneaking into horror movies, my friend Donna Scalzi and I would go see the That's Entertainment movies. We loved watching the dancing and singing. Sometimes, we were the only ones in the theatre and we didn't care. We could talk out loud about what they were wearing or how they were dancing. For Donna and I, that was a fun Friday night!

So now I send on this prestigious award to six of my favorite gorgeous bloggers:

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Mary Rose at True Confessions of A Prodigal Daughter

God bless to all you gorgeous ladies!


  1. Oh yay! My second award! Thanks so much! I had awarded you one today too! :)

  2. I know, I saw that! Thank you. Isn't that too funny! You are such a sweety.