Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What I learned in RCIA tonight.....

It is getting late again and I have had a long, but good day. So tonight will be a short post.

I was at RCIA tonight and we were sharing different things with each other. One of our ladies who entered the church a few years ago through our RCIA was talking about how amazing it is that God already knows what we need, but waits for us to ask through prayer.

She quietly said, "How humble and gentle God is, that He would wait for us to ask." Then she smiled a sweet smile and said, "That's nice." Just as sweet and smooth as could be.

It was one of those moments where everyone just sat there taking in that thought.

I love RCIA.


  1. Great thought! Are you a sponsor?

  2. YES! I am on the team but someone just asked me to be her sponser, so I am thrilled. I would have gone anyway but this is even better.