Monday, October 19, 2009

God's Love

Tonight I was thinking about my favorite ride as a child. Pirates of the Caribbean in Disney World. I loved that ride when you got to the place where it seemed like you were under a never ending night sky, with stars and there was a nice breeze. I would close my eyes and breathe in. And then open them and look at the night sky.

I love to do that in the summer time. My happiest memories were at a friend's family summer home, where we would sit by the man -made pond and talk best friend talk under a huge summer sky. Loved the shooting stars which were plentiful there because it was out in the boonies, no street lights. Just the night sky.

So tonight I was thinking about loving someone like that. Loving someone until your love just went on and on. We can love like that.

Because the Father loves us like that. His love is huge, it spans all space and time. And even though under that night sky you might feel small and insignificant, He see little ole you, and He loves you. In a huge way.

Isn't that awesome? Think about that while you are falling asleep tonight.

Bet you will have awesome dreams.

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  1. That is awesome! It's what keeps me going day after day!