Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pet Peeve Number 2 gazillion......

My husband thinks that I am a crab can and I shouldn't blog about what I am about to blog about. But I don't care. This is my blog, not his!

This is my question, why, oh, why, do construction men aka roofers, concrete driveway guys, painting and siding men, feel as if they are entitled to take over a whole street to do one cotton picken house?!

This is what always happens. Somewhere around 8am they descend upon the targeted house. Trucks towing things they won't even use. The guys in their cool pick ups with our local rock oldies radio blaring. The souped up cars with rap music even louder then rock oldies. And always, two old farts, using the "f" word and talking smack too each other as if it were 2 in the afternoon.

And they don't care. They don't care if you are trying to sleep in for once. They don't care if they are blocking every driveway on the street. It is their right. Oh yeah, that's how they act. About three or four hours into this, their co workers and friends stop in. They are parked everywhere. They are parked on both sides of the street so that I cannot, (after I have waited for Jimmy to move his pick up from the end of my driveway), back out my big 12 seater van out of my driveway for fear of hitting Tony's Chevy.

And even though at least 10 guys are working on one roof, driveway, side of the house, (take your pick), they will still block our street for at least 8 hours. Cause they have to stop and eat lunch, and shoot the (you know what), and mock each other out and whatever else keeps these guys from finishing the job in a timely fashion.

Did I mention that it is always men? I will tell you what, women would get the job done faster so we could go out to lunch and drink wine and laugh about the person's house we just fixed up.

And we would be mindful of our language and we wouldn't wake everyone up at 8am. (We would still be doing our hair and reminding our husbands what they need to get done while we are gone!) I can also tell you that it wouldn't take 20 of us to do one roof, and we would never block anyone else's driveways. I think it is a testosterone thing. I really do.
Ya gotta have stones to just park your vehicle across the end of
Ya just gotta.


  1. I personally am a witness, and I could say a victim to this ungentlemanly behavior.
    They are Barbarians.
    and the only nice thing that I can say about barbarians is that they gave us pants, otherwise, all of us would still be wearing dresses of some sort or another.
    It is good to vent sometimes..
    Go Girl!

  2. To Dave and Christopher...spfffffff, (that's a wet raspberry sent your way.) To Ellen, I love you girlfriend. We have to stick together!