Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Really Great Saturday

I went on a date with my husband this morning. Well, it didn't start out that way. I just noticed that he was getting ready to go somewhere and when I asked him where, he said "out to look at the leaves."

Now, in my head I already had plans for me. And for him. These plans did not include romping around in leaves. More like cleaning the bathroom and folding laundry. So I paused for a moment, and he asked if I wanted to go too. At first I was thinking, "oh, I have so much to do. Laundry, and cooking and cleaning. The kids never help so this place is a sty, and I was going to make the boys FINALLY clean their room! And I won't get to............." Right then and there I stopped myself and said to my husband, "Yes. Yes, I do want to go."

We had both had a tough week. We haven't had any alone time in weeks. What would a couple of hours hurt? It would leave plenty of time to still get some things done. And really, will I ever be caught up? No. No, I won't ever be caught up. But I only have this moment with my husband, to make our marriage richer, to spend time with my best friend.

Plus, when I put out my bottom lip and said, "Will you buy me a coffee at Tim Horton's?" he said yes. So now I had to go. We snuck out. Well, not exactly. I extricated the four year old from my leg, called down the half awake seventeen year old daughter, and said, "We'll be back". You gotta say that or they think you are leaving forever. Well, at least the four year old thinks that. Then again, the teenage daughter thinks that too.

After a breakfast sandwich and a French Vanilla Cappuccino, we were on our way. I was taking advantage of having my husband's ear and trying to catch up with all he missed out on the last two months when he looked at me and said, "No more. I remember when I met you how much you loved the fall, your favorite time of the year. Here we are, let's forget about everything else and just enjoy the trees and the beauty that surrounds us."

I grabbed my coffee and let everything go. It was wonderful. It was wonderful to really look at the trees and not just rush past them while my mouth went a mile a minute. Just to take it all in and enjoy the smells, the unbelievable colors of the trees, even the breeze. It was God's colorful show and it was amazing. I was so happy just to be alone with my husband, happy that after so many years of marriage, I still wanted to be alone with him. Happy that we still enjoyed being together.

I know that might sound silly but when I see everything around me, marriages that fail, some before they were even given a chance, I just feel so blessed. Blessed that my husband is still my best friend, blessed that we have a happy marriage.

I felt so great that when I got home I made a pot of chili, a pot of soup and an apple crisp. It was a lot of work, but worth it when I saw how happy my hubby and children were. It was one of those days where I really felt blessed to be a wife and mother.

All in all, a really great Saturday.


  1. I love your autumn picture. How special to have that time with your husband.
    I hope you enjoyed it after all the prepartaion of mind to go

  2. How wonderful! This story is a great marriage witness! Have I mentioned before that I love your blog? You do an awesome job and I greatly enjoy reading about your life and your family, you are a great inspiration!

  3. Hello, I'm Elizabeth and a friend suggested your blog to me. I think it is wonderful. I really love this post. So inspiring to know people still cherish the simple things in life....the things God has given us...the beautiful trees, our husband, children, best friends, and so much more. He is the best Father ever...loving us and taking care of us always...Thank you for loving God and not being ashamed to spread His word.