Friday, October 30, 2009

Extra Credit

Today went really well at school. All the children looked great! And yours truly had a trick up her sleeve. I dressed up as St. Elizabeth of Hungary. And I looked every bit of the royal queen!
As I did my research of married saints, because I wanted to be a married saint, I realized something interesting. Yes, they were all married, like me. Yes, some of them had a ton of kids, just like me. They went out to serve the poor, gave things away, fed and clothed people. Attended Mass often, lots of prayer time. BUT, they also had servants.
I mean, when Queen Liz went out to give out bread, she didn't have to worry about what her own rugrats would be dining on. She wasn't throwing chicken nuggets in the oven and mixing up some boxed mac and cheese while giving a bath schedule to the oldest daughter and telling son number one, he better be in that tub! She left it all to cook and nanny and then went out to do her thing.
So, since I do it all, minus the cook, the nanny and a butler, I believe I should get extra credit. Are you listening God?
I mean, seriously. Sometimes as a missionary when I sink into the pew, or wherever we are, I breathe a huge sigh, and thank God that I made it without killing or maiming anyone. Not just in my household, but also on the road. I swear between driving the kids and having to be at various things for the mission, I spend more time in the van than I do anywhere else. And I am usually behind Gramma Jones, going two miles an hour, and I am already five minutes late. How can one be merciful in that situation? Ugh, doesn't she know I have to get to my retreat!!
St. Elizabeth didn't have to deal with any of that. They didn't even HAVE cars! She doesn't know how good she had it.
She didn't have to worry about her four year old clinging to her leg like she wasn't ever coming back. She didn't have to deal with hubby having enough scrubs and black socks. She didn't have to hide towels from the children so that hubby could have a clean one in the morning.
Alls I'm sayin is I could do what she did if I had a million dollars and the servants to run my household so I could hand out things from my pantry to everyone.
Of course, there is the issue of Cook needing something from that pantry and it not being there cause the mistress gave it away. Hmmm.
And didn't cooks have a bad temper back then?
This could change everything..............


  1. Great post! You never fail to make me smile!

  2. Mrs. Marciniack, it's Liz Suchan. I was named after St. Elizabeth of Hungary!! I love her story and I think she is such a fabulously inspiration woman, like you!