Monday, October 26, 2009

New Ideas for "Shocking"!

The entertainment industry, but specifically the music industry, prides itself on having performers that are on the cutting edge. They are touted as being shocking free thinkers, always outside the box, always ready to "shock" with new and inventive ideas and schemes.

And I look around and I see nothing new or shocking at all. Britney Spears. Madonna did it already. Lady Gaga, ditto. Mariah Carey, honey, it would be more shocking to all of us if you put your clothes back on and dressed like the church lady! It is all the same, you are not shocking us with exposed body parts. Janet Jackson did it already. Put your clothes back on too girl, cause we already seen your parts. No mystery or shocker there.

If they asked my opinion, and they won't, so that is why I have to write it here, if they really want to shock America, find us a musical star who dresses elegantly, is Catholic and true to his or her faith, doesn't sing about sex and actually has a good singing voice when the electric is out.

Now, wouldn't that shock all of us? Especially the singing voice. Wouldn't it shock everyone if the newest singing sensation was someone who wasn't shacking up with the guitarist from Pearl Jam, wasn't making babies named Shadow and Sprite, and could actually, oh my goodness, sing! And sing songs that didn't make mom and dad turn fifty shades of red as they dropped junior off to St. Al's Collegiate for the Hearing Impaired?

It makes me want to puke when I hear these singers, especially the females,talking about women putting their shoulders back and being strong women who are not afraid of their sexuality and of who they are. "Don't be afraid to be your own woman, and go do what you want to do!"

Except if what you want to do as that good, strong woman, in touch with your sexuality, is wait until you are married to "be" with someone. But wait a minute. That is really thinking for yourself nowadays. Any parent who has a child in college knows that if you brought your child up to wait until marriage, not mess around with sex or alcohol or drugs, you are in the minority. And your child will be the only one in her dorm room, or on her floor who hasn't had sex. And she will be looked down for it. Looked at as backwards, not taught correctly, etc.

Hmmm? Who is really thinking for themselves then? The child who goes against the grain and stays true to his or her faith and morals? Or the child who goes with today's crowd? Is it the one who lives through the persecution, even though they have made a decision for themselves that sex outside of marriage is not good for them or the one who goes along, sleeps with her boyfriend, cause everyone else is doing it.

Shocking when you look at it, isn't it?

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