Monday, October 12, 2009


Please pray my blogger friends for one of my missionary sisters and her husband. Today their 9 year old nephew was called home after a lengthy battle with cancer. Though I never met him, I can feel my sister's pain for many reasons.

First, because she is my friend and sister in Christ. I wrote about Sandy a few months ago. She is such a beautiful person, full of love and joy for everyone who is blessed enough to know her. She has a sweet and pure heart. My heart aches for her loss tonight.

Secondly, as a mom I can only imagine how his mom, Sandy's sister feels. Losing a child that young, has got to be devastating. You carry this child in you, you nurture him, love him, know him before anyone else does. Sadly, this little boy leaves behind his twin brother. My heart just aches for that family.

This little boy did touch a lot of hearts before he died. He was a hero among the people he lived with. The street he lived on recently had a party for him so they could all say their goodbyes.

Why? Why did this have to happen? I love God so much, but when something like this happens, I ask Him, why? It is a mystery. One that is far reaching. It makes me look up at the big night sky and know how we are really all connected by one Creator, one Father. When I see how I can feel the pain of a woman I have never even met. When I see that I can grieve the loss of a child that is not my own, and that I will never know him, but know in my heart that we are all connected to each other. In our humanness, compassion, understanding. We have to feel for each other. We were created to feel for each other. "He ain't heavy, he's my brother."

So tonight, in that spirit of love and compassion and mercy, please say a chaplet or a rosary for a family you may only meet in heaven.

Rest in Peace Ben.

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