Thursday, October 8, 2009


I love God. I mean, I really, really love God. I mean no disrespect here. He is awesome and He knows how to take care of His kids. If we let Him.

After weeks of feeling like I am drowning, then receiving graces through confession, today I received consolation. Right and left consolation. He downright spoiled me today. After days of the little things going wrong, today I had a day of little "rights". It was wonderful and I thanked Him every step of the way.

I don't know how people live without Him. Honestly. I really don't. I can't imagine my life without knowing Him and loving Him. When I look at something beautiful, I think my joy is increased because I think about how He created these things for us. All the little details in life are important to Him. Including my little "things" that make me smile, make me laugh, make me feel happy. I wouldn't know happiness if I didn't know Him. Not real happiness anyway.

Just sit and ponder sometime how much He loves each one of us personally. Really knows and loves each one of us, intimately. That boggles my mind. How can He do that? Well, He's God. A mystery, a beautiful mystery, not to be totally solved here on earth. That's okay with me. I can wait until heaven.

In the meantime, I am down here, His little girl, just loving life. Thanking Him for His graces, thanking Him for His consolations, thanking Him for the gift of confession. Thanking Him for loving me despite knowing all my imperfections. He loves me.

He loves you too. Think about THAT when you go to sleep tonight.

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