Saturday, October 3, 2009

Last minute post!

So I only have a few minutes before this will be considered a "tomorrow" post, so I have to make this one short. I am keeping to my posting once a day. Gotta stick to it!

My community is getting ready to celebrate St. Faustina's feast day and so we started a Triduum yesterday. (hope I spelled that right. Why do I think spellcheck won't know the difference?) Tonight was all about "pure love" and boy do I struggle with that. You know, the "love is patient, love is kind" thing. Loving and not expecting anything in return. Who can do that? I would love to attain that. My dearest hubby says it ain't possible because that means perfection and no one can fully attain that. I am glad he said that, cause I couldn't see me achieving that in my life time. I suppose the closest I come is with my children, and even they can get on my last nerve if they don't give me sweet kisses!

Still, I do want to try harder to love and have less expectations of people. That is a HUGE problem of mine. My wise old hubby says, "keep your expectations low! Then you will never be disappointed." I bet you are thinking, "wow, what a blessed woman to have such a smart, all knowing husband." Nah, it can get really annoying! Ha. Just kidding honey. Just kidding.

I know I will write more about this later but all I want to say is, why is love so hard?


  1. I know so many people that only "give" when they know they are going to "get" something in return. It really is an awful thing. I think pure love can be attainable on earth....maybe not so easily in our culture but I think it can be possible.

  2. I have a couple of "strings attached" relatives and it has helped me genuinely love and help others not expecting anything in return. I believe God's grace covered me in this area; instead of me becoming like them, I became the opposite.