Friday, October 23, 2009

Cold, Comfy, Night

It has been a rather strange day. I woke up thinking it would be a regular school day, and a good one because I love Fridays. And then my poor 6 year old, Amelia woke up with a bad cough and fever. Teresa was under the weather and so was Joseph. Tyler was sick, probably could have made it through, but I needed someone to stay home with the little ones while I took the remaining children to school.

So it would be a day at home. At eleven o'clock they ended up dismissing my two children who go to our mission home school because only seven out of the twenty-two students showed up. Everyone here in Western New York is sick. Swine flu, flu-flu, colds, coughs, you name it, we all got it.

The weather is yucky, so who wants to go anywhere anyway? My hubby who has been in and out of our house all week, and sick himself, (cause he works his butt off in an ER taking care of all those sick people in WNY!), made us a wonderful gourmet meal. Well, he and I ate gourmet. The children who turn their noses up at such things ate grilled cheese sandwiches. And were quite happy to do it!

We were happily joined by my oldest daughter's boyfriend. She was at work and he needed a place to hang. So he hung out here and ate gourmet. SCORE! I think he just likes to hang with our family because there is always, in a big family, something going on. Little ones to play with, big kids to joke with. And lots, and lots of food! The kitchen never closes. We are Marciniaks. We gotta eat!

What a nice fall night we just had. God is good. We need to praise Him for the simple things in life. A good meal, good company, a warm home.

I am thankful tonight. My little ones are snug in their beds, my hubby and I are relaxing and all is quiet. The teenagers are happy. All is well despite the rain and the cold outside. In our humble home, it is warm and safe and dry tonight.

Thank You God for taking care of us. I love You.

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  1. I love when we have beautiful fall nights and kids snug in their beds...spending time with my hubby...I love the simple life...Thank you Lord for all your blessings.